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The Web Applications are custom programmed online software that allows mass customization through the immediate deployment of a large and diverse range of applications. Web applications are executed with the help of web browsers.Web browsers are software applications that allow users to retrieve data and interact with content located on web pages within a website.

Nowadays websites are changed from the static text and graphics from the early styles, to modern web pages allow personalized dynamic content to be pulled down by users according to individual preferences and settings. Modern web sites allow the processing, storage and transmission of customer data (e.g., personal details, credit card numbers, social security information, etc.) for immediate and recurrent use. And, this is done through web applications.

Web applications are, therefore, computer programs allowing website visitors to submit and retrieve data to/from a database over the Internet using their preferred web browser. The data is then presented to the user within their browser as information is generated dynamically (in a specific format, e.g. in HTML using CSS) by the web application through a web server.

Some of the Web Applications We can deliver in Qatar

Real Estate Management System | School Management System | Tourism Development Applications | Hotel Booking and Reservations | Rent a Car Applications | Payment Gateways | Shopping Carts | Logistics Management Applications